boot  Map Scales.  1:25k.  4cm = 1km;  Convert Map to World  (cm/4=km)  ie 2cm/4 = 0.5km.



 Map Scales.  1:25k.  4cm = 1km;  Convert World to Map  (km*4=cm)  ie 1.5km*4 = 6cm.


  • A fundamental part of being out in the mountains is being able to safely navigate your way around.  Mountain Rangers learn about…
    • Maps, scales and conventional signs.
    • Contours and other methods of showing relief.
    • Topographical features relating the map to the ground and vice versa.
    • Measuring distance on the map and the ground.
    • Navigating across country with map alone.
    • Compasses and other navigation aids including GPS devices and smart phone apps.
    • Methods of identifying features and position.
    • Methods of relocation.
    • Methods for navigating across country in poor visibility and/or in darkness.
    • Route planning, including methods of recording routes.