boot  Map Scales.  1:25k.  4cm = 1km;  Convert Map to World  (cm/4=km)  ie 2cm/4 = 0.5km.



 Map Scales.  1:25k.  4cm = 1km;  Convert World to Map  (km*4=cm)  ie 1.5km*4 = 6cm.

Mountain Hazards

  • Mountain environments have very real hazards and Mountain Rangers learn ways to avoid them and if necessary escape them.  They will also learn about…
    • The suitability of different types, sizes and lengths of rope.
    • Appropriate methods of belaying, including choice of safe anchors.
    • Use and limitations of the rope alone.
    • How to protect a short scramble type descent or ascent.
    • How to safeguard a single party member.
    • How to safeguard themselves in descent on scrambling type climbs.
    • Water hazards (including marshes, streams and rivers).
    • Preparation, skills and safety procedures.
    • Dangers and methods of avoidance.
    • Selection of the best crossing points.
    • Selection of appropriate unroped techniques to assist in crossing.
    • Methods of search and evacuation.
    • A basic understanding of how Mountain Rescue is organised.
    • Improvised mountain rescue techniques – application and limitations.
    • Emergency bivouac skills.