boot  Map Scales.  1:25k.  4cm = 1km;  Convert Map to World  (cm/4=km)  ie 2cm/4 = 0.5km.



 Map Scales.  1:25k.  4cm = 1km;  Convert World to Map  (km*4=cm)  ie 1.5km*4 = 6cm.

First Aid

  • This is a large part of the Mountain Rangers Syllabus and is a topic that will be constantly revisited.  Mountain Rangers will be introduced to DR ABC, AVPU, and primary and secondary surveys. Mountain Rangers will learn to recognise and treat:
    • Mountain hypothermia (exposure) and its treatment both in the field and at base.
    • Cold injuries.
    • Heat disorders.
    • Allergic reactions.
    • Common medical problems, e.g. asthma, diabetes, blisters, sprains.
  • How to treat a casualty that:
    • is unconscious
    • is unconscious  and not breathing
    • is bleeding
    • has a burn
    • has heat exhaustion
    • has hypothermia
    • is choking
    • is having an asthma attack
    • is having a heart attack
    • has a head injury
    • has a suspected spinal injury
    • has a broken bone
    • has a sprain or strain
    • has meningitis
    • is having a stroke
    • is experiencing  a diabetic emergency
    • is having a severe allergic reaction
    • is having a seizure.