• A Mountain Ranger develops an understanding and appreciation of the countryside,  learns the importance of the Country Code and…
    • Expands their knowledge and understanding of the environment.
    • Expands their knowledge of relevant legislation regarding rights of way and access and the significance of access agreements and codes
    • Expands their knowledge of land management in upland areas and its multiple uses, e.g. hill farming, forestry, water collection, grouse shooting and deer stalking.
    • Expands their knowledge of current relevant conservation legislation and appreciate the problems of conservation with respect to flora, fauna and erosion. They should also understand the nature of specially designated areas and any limitations on their use and be aware of long term effects of human pressures on the upland environment.
    • Learns  how to get information about access to wild country e.g. from appropriate guidebooks, maps, countryside agencies, relevant mountaineering bodies and websites.
    • Becomes familiar with relevant codes in the countryside and understand the individual’s responsibility to minimise impact on the environment.